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Four cruise passengers die in in Alaska floatplanes collision

Multiple fatalities in Alaska midair plane collision involving cruise ship passengers

Four people and two more from a Princess Cruises ship are missing after two sightseeing floatplanes collided near near Ketchikan, Alaska, on Monday.

The passengers were aboard planes booked through Princess Cruises shore excursions.  One plane was carrying 10 people from the Royal Princess, while the other plane was an independent excursion tour and carried four other passengers from Royal Princess.

The US Coast Guard confirmed nine of 10 American passengers from the first plane were rescued and received medical attention. Three people are confirmed dead from the second plane, two guests and the pilot. Rescue efforts continue for the other two guests, one Australian and one Canadian.

The planes involved in the crash were a Beaver floatplane and an Otter floatplane.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the cause of the incident.