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Royal Caribbean opens Perfect Day at CocoCay

Here’s a glimpse at all the thrill and chill experiences to be had at Royal Caribbean’s private Island.

Royal Caribbean released new photos of its private island in The Bahamas that is newly upgraded and enhanced.

Perfect Day at CocoCay opened to guest over the weekend, which includes a number of new venues.  The $250 million transformation of Royal Caribbean's private island combines opportunities to relax, as well as new thrills.

Royal Caribbean International’s Perfect Day at CocoCay offers a combination of first-of-their-kind thrills and one-of-a-kind ways to chill that forever changes what is possible in a vacation destination.

Thrill-seekers can plunge down the tallest water slide in North America and rise 450 feet in the air in the Up, Up and Away helium balloon and conquer the Caribbean’s largest wave pool. The Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool is at Perfect Day, Oasis Lagoon.

Bragging rights are up for grabs at Daredevil’s Tower.

With a mix of seven single-rider waterslides at various heights, including Daredevil’s Peak—the tallest waterslide in North America. This will be the most heart-pumping 35 seconds of your lifetime. After conquering Daredevil’s Peak, push the limits on the Dueling Demon drop slides and the Manta Raycers duo of racer slides . You can grab a friend and race down twin open flumes, and don’t miss the high-speed, fully vertical Screeching Serpent, or the coiling Green Mamba—a massive aqua tube slide. They take the word “waterslide” to a whole other level.

Thrill Waterpark

At Thrill Waterpark (home to Daredevil’s Peak), excitement and adrenaline is all around. Access to the park gives you the chance to explore all 13 jaw-dropping waterslides, including the tallest waterslide in North America (more on that in the coming slides!), the largest wave pool in the Caribbean, the best of aqua obstacle courses at the Adventure Pool, and complimentary beach chairs, towels and umbrellas.

Oasis Lagoon pool

If you’re looking for a place to relax, find a refreshing change of pace at Oasis Lagoon—the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool—where guests of all ages can explore three distinct coves. 

Perfect Day

From the tallest waterslide in North America to a helium balloon offering sweeping views of the Caribbean from up to 450 feet in the air, Perfect Day at CocoCay has endless thrills and ways to chill that will top anyone’s bucket list.