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Cruise line drink packages guide

Guests enjoying drinks

Perhaps few offerings by the cruise lines in recent memory have reverborated so positively with guests than the unlimited drink package.

Cruise lines offer a fixed charge for all-you-can-drink packages that include alcohol drinks.  Mainstream cruise lines all offer them these days and you might be wondering what it includes, how much it costs and if it makes sense.

Carnival Cruise Line

The Cheers! program is available on all Carnival ships, except for the Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend when they sail from Australia.

Cost: $51.95, per person, per day, if purchased in advance, and $56.95 per person, per day, if purchased once onboard (plus a 15 percent gratuity).

Includes: Mixed drinks, beer, wine and spirits valued at $50 or less each, up to a 15-drink maximum per day. In addition, it includes soda, juices, nonalcoholic cocktails, energy drinks, specialty coffees and teas, most bottled water, milkshakes (where available), Powerade, Vitaminwater, coconut water and Honest Tea. 

Other details: 25 percent discount on bottles of wine and Champagne, select water bottles, beverage classes and seminars, and cocktails, spirits or wines by the glass that cost more than $50.

Celebrity Cruises

Drink packages are available on all Celebrity Cruises ships, except for Celebrity Xpedition, Celebrity Xperience, Celebrity Xploration.

There are three drink packages available on Celebrity Cruises.

Standard Beverage Package costs $45 per person, per day and includes beer, wine, cocktails up to $6 per serving, soda and bottled water. The package also includes a 10 percent discount on wines purchased by the bottle. 

Classic Beverage Package costs $55 per person, per day, and upgrades the Standard Package to include spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, beer and wine by the glass valued at up to $9 each. Plus, soda, fresh-squeezed and bottled juices, premium coffees and teas and non-premium bottled water are bundled in. Additionally, the Classic Beverage Package offers a 15 percent discount on wines by the bottle. 

Premium Beverage Package costs $65 per person, per day and includes everything the Standard and Classic packages include, plus premium bottled water, specialty coffees and teas, Red Bull and spirits, cocktails, beers, Champagne and wine by the glass up to $13 per serving. The package also includes a 20 percent discount on wines by the bottle.

Holland America Line

Drink packages are available on all Holland America ships.

The Signature Beverage Package includes wine, beer, spirits, cocktails (including nonalcoholic), sodas and coffee. The cost of each drink cannot cost more than $9. The price of the Signature Beverage Package is $51.69 per person, per day, with advance purchase, or $57.44 when you purchase onboard.

The Elite Beverage Package includes premium spirits, cocktails, wines, beers, coffees, nonalcoholic beverages, bottled water and sodas, up to a value of $15 each. The price for the Elite Beverage Package is $63.19 per person, per day if purchased in advance or onboard.

MSC Cruises

There are a few drink packages offered by MSC to consider.

Easy Package includes a dedicated selection of house wines by the glass, one brand of draught beer (Heineken*) and/or Miller Lite bottled beer (for Caribbean itineraries only), selected spirits and cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks and fruit juices by the glass, bottled mineral water, classic hot drink (espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, hot tea) and coffee and chocolate delights. You can take advantage of this offer in all onboard bars, as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, excluding specialty restaurants. The Easy Package costs $35 per person, per day.

Premium Package includes a wide range of cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs, wines by the glass, draught and bottled beers, sodas, fruit juices, bottled mineral water, energy drinks, classic and premium coffee drinks, hot chocolate delights and organic tea. The offer is valid in all onboard bars, as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, including Specialty Restaurants. Allows for unlimited consumption of drinks up to $12 each. The Premium Package costs $62 per day/per person

Premium Plus Package includes drinks and food from the minibar and the room service menu and drinks from theme bar menus are all included as well. This offer also entitles you to a 30% discount on bottles of wine and champagne from our wine lists. You can order your drinks in all onboard bars, as well as the self-service buffet and restaurants, including the Specialty Restaurants. The cost of the Premium Plus Package is $79 per day/per person.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Premium Beverage Package (formerly known as the Ultimate Beverage Package) includes soft drinks, beers, spirits, cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 USD during your entire cruise. The Ultimate Beverage Package costs $118.80 per person, per day (including 20 percent gratuity). You can use your beverage package at all onboard bars, lounges and restaurants, and at Great Stirrup Cay.

Premium-Plus Package is for guests who prefer top-shelf liquors.  It covers all beverages by the glass with no price cap, bottled waters (still or sparkling), energy drinks and specialty coffees (including at onboard Starbucks kiosks), and select bottles of wine when dining. The Premium-Plus package also offers a 40 percent discount on all other bottles of wine as well as on tastings or flights. It’s available to purchase pre-cruise and costs $153.60 per person, per day (including the 20 percent gratuity).

As of right now, the Premium-Plus package is available on the Norwegian Pearl, Dawn, Gem, Jewel, and Star. (It is also available on sailings of the Norwegian Sun that are not all-inclusive trips). It’s expected to be introduced across the entire fleet by the end of March, with the exception of Norwegian Sky and Pride of America.

The Corks and Caps Wine and Beer Package includes a selection of fountain soda and juices, beer (draft and bottles) and wines by the glass ($15 or less). The Corks and Caps Package costs $65 per person, per day (plus 20 percent gratuity).

Oceania Cruises

There are two drink packages offered by Oceania.

House Select includes unlimited champagne, wine and beer with dinner and lunch. The cost is $39.95 per person, per day.

Prestige Select includes spirits, beer, wine and champagne in bars and restaurants. The cost is $59.95 per person, per day.

Note that Oceania includes in its cruise fares items such as soft drinks, bottled water and specialty coffees.

Princess Cruises

The Premier Beverage Package includes all cocktails, spirits, beer and glasses of wine, valued at up to $12. Bottled water, juice, fountain soda, energy drinks, specialty coffee and tea, smoothies and milkshakes are also included. Each purchaser of the package also receives a 25 percent discount on all bottled wine. The price is $59.99 per person, per day, plus a 15 percent gratuity.

Royal Caribbean International

The Deluxe Beverage Package includes cocktails, spirits, beer, wine by the glass, non-alcoholic beverages, premium coffee and tea, bottled still and sparkling water, fresh-squeezed juices, fountain sodas with a souvenir Coca-Cola cup, a 40 percent discount on wine bottle purchases up to $100 and a 20 percent discount on wine bottle purchases more than $100. Drinks must not exceed $12 in value. Gratuity is added to the package price (18%) at the time of purchase.

There is no fleetwide price for the Deluxe Beverage Package, but ranges between $63 - $70 per person, per day.