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First ever cruise to visit all seven continents begins

SilverSea guests embark on the first-ever 7-continent world cruise

SilverSea's Silver Whisper departed Fort Lauderdale on January 6 on a 140-night seven-continent World Cruise.

The Legends of Cruising 2020 sailing will eventually conclude in Amsterdam, where guests will arrive on May 25 having circumnavigated the world. Pushing the boundaries of travel, guests on Silversea’s World Cruise 2020 will travel deep into 62 destinations in 32 countries, including the Antarctic Peninsula over three days.

The cruise line’s President and CEO Roberto Martinoli was in attendance at a bon voyage event prior to the ship's departure.

“It was an honour to bid our guests bon voyage ahead of our World Cruise 2020,” says Roberto Martinoli. “Legends of Cruising is our most immersive World Cruise to date, offering an unprecedented range of experiences. From Fort Lauderdale to Amsterdam, Antarctica to Aqaba, the variety of destinations discovered by our guests will showcase the authentic beauty of the world like never before. Our guests’ enthusiasm for the voyage has been reflected in the exceptionally strong booking numbers.”

Among the array of enhancements planned for the Legends of Cruising World Cruise 2020 is a pioneering new cocktail programme, which will immerse guests in sailed destinations through regional drinks and local ingredients, as well as the fascinating stories behind each. Previewing Silversea’s new S.A.L.T. programme, which will be inaugurated with the launch of Silver Moon in August 2020, the new cocktail offering will comprise 62 cocktails that will create a sense of place, inspired by the distinctive characteristics of each visited region. Guests will also enjoy cocktail masterclasses, as they learn to mix their own beverages, and will sample cocktail pairings to discover new flavours. Guests will be gifted a special gift box, which will contain a book full of recipes and the stories behind all featured cocktails, meaning they can continue the party once home.

To enrich the experience exclusively for world-cruising guests, Silversea Cruises has introduced a collection of 33 brand new, bespoke shore experiences for 2020 – the World Cruise Collection. Travelers can embark on a musical and culinary journey in San Juan hosted by an acclaimed artist; attend a private performance of a world-renowned folkloric ballet troupe in Salvador da Bahia; delve into the Polynesian culture with a celebrated anthropologist in Moorea; savor a four-course lunch, prepared by a celebrity chef, in Singapore; indulge in a candlelight dinner under the stars in the Red Sea desert; marvel at Caravaggio's masterpieces in Rome's churches and museums; and tour the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh with the last-serving admiral, among other special experiences.

Also, for the very first time on a Silversea World Cruise, travellers will benefit from Zodiacs activities, supervised by the cruise line’s industry-leading Expedition Team, enabling them to indulge their curiosity for discovery under the guidance of experts. In the Antarctic Peninsula, for example, Silversea’s Expedition Team members will lead Zodiac tours on which guests are likely to witness penguins, seals and other animals in their natural environment, as well as large icebergs, before landing at designating landing spots for on-shore discovery.

A strong line up of guest lecturers will enrich a fascinating entertainment programme for guests: John & Tracy Fleming, Michael Buerk, Bill Miller, Tony Leon, Tom Keneally, James Bradley, Mark Elovitz and Piet De Vries will all take to the stage*. Personalised gifts, guest entertainers, local shows, and themed evenings will enrich the experience further still.